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Organisations operating in the EU and EEA and processing personal data of EU-based individuals are, in almost all cases, required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from May 25 2018. The GDPR updated and harmonised the framework for processing personal data in the European Union, and brought with it new obligations for organisations and new rights for individuals. Many of the key points of GDPR were present in the Data Protection Act 1998 that GDPR effectively replaced. 121Money has many years experience earning our user's trust and we were already compliant with the Act before the May 2018 deadline.

How does 121Money comply with GDPR? Trust is the foundation of our relationships. We value the confidence that you put in us and take the responsibility of protecting your information seriously. 121Money has analysed the GDPR and have undertaken the necessary steps to ensure that we comply. 

GDPR: Subject Access Requests.

  • Individuals have the right to access their personal data and supplementary information.
  • The right of access allows individuals to be aware of and verify the lawfulness of the processing.

What information is an individual entitled to under the GDPR?

Under the GDPR, 121Money Ltd give the customer:

  • confirmation that their data is being processed;
  • access to their personal data; and
  • other supplementary information

What is the purpose of the right of access under GDPR?

The GDPR clarifies that the reason for allowing individuals to access their personal data is so that they are aware of and can verify the lawfulness of the processing.

121Money can charge a fee for dealing with a subject access request

*** Please could customers contact us via email in the first instance whilst we make changes in response to covid-19. There will be more email cover than telephone cover and you may receive a response more efficiently via email. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ***

We will provide a copy of the information free of charge. However, we can charge a ‘reasonable fee’ when a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, particularly if it is repetitive.

We may also charge a reasonable fee to comply with requests for further copies of the same information. 

The fee must be based on the administrative cost of providing the information.

How long do we have to comply?

Information must be provided without delay and at the latest within one month of receipt.

121Money can extend the period of compliance by a further two months where requests are complex or numerous. If this is the case, we will inform the individual within one month of the receipt of the request and explain why the extension is necessary.

If your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive

Where requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because they are repetitive, we can:

  • charge a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information; or
  • refuse to respond.

If we refuse to provide this information or request a reasonable fee we will remind you of your right to make a complaint to the ICO or any other supervisory body and remind you of your ability to seek to enforce this right through a judicial remedy.

How will we provide the information

We will verify the identity of the person making the request, using ‘reasonable means’.

121Money may be able to provide remote access to a secure self-service system which would provide the individual with direct access to his or her information. 

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All debt solutions should be very carefully considered. At 121 Money we do not provide debt advice. If you complete the form and provide permission to be referred, we will pass your details onto a regulated debt advice solution provider. All the partners we use are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide debt counselling.

The debt solution practice will contact you by telephone, email, WhatsApp or by text assuming you have consented. They will go through your financial position including your income and expenditure and will provide advice on the most appropriate solutions to deal with your debt. All calls are recorded for compliance purposes and for your protection.

Fees may apply if you enter into a debt solution including an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or Debt Management Plan with one of our trusted partners. The fees will be carefully explained to you and will be detailed in the documentation you will receive.

All debt solutions will affect your ability to obtain credit for at least 6 years from the approval of the debt solutions.

Initial advice is always free, but fees will apply if solutions such as an IVA or a debt management plan are appropriate. If you do enter into an IVA, your details will appear on a public register. Full details will be discussed with you prior to you consenting to enter into any debt solution.

By submitting the enquiry form you agree that the information provided is true and accurate and that 121 Money may send the details of this enquiry to an appropriate trusted partner for the purpose of furthering your enquiry and that the trusted partner may contact you for further information as required. We will not send, sell, loan or lease your data to any other third party except those needed to provide the service you have requested.

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